Acupuncture Facelift

Before we detail Acupuncture facelift, we see that Everyone wants to enjoy good health. Human face reflects the underlying state of overall human health. Daily stresses and other factors like sun exposure, dirt, lack of sleep, smoking etc. can make your muscles tense. These tensed muscles affect your skin and accelerate the aging process.

Acupuncture facelift is an ancient and holistic approach of the Chinese way of fighting the aging process. This treatment includes the gentle insertion of superfine needles into the certain pressure points of the face.  These needles are even thinner than the human hair. This is a painless treatment and patients feel relaxed during the sessions.


Insertion of needles at vortex points stimulates the growth of new cells and improves the blood flow. This treatment makes your internal organs balanced and “energy flow” more efficient. The overall effects of Acupuncture facelift make your skin more elastic and youthful and prevent the symptoms of aging by enhancing the collagen levels.

Acupuncture facelift

The Acupuncture Facelift is not only a safer treatment method but the affordable one as well. This treatment method can be preferred over other methods due to its wondering advantages that are discussed below.

·         Acupuncture facelift is a painless method where needle insertion causes only the slight bruising at the spot where the needle is inserted. This has no side effects and people having sensitive skin can be given Arnica tablets after treatment.

·         This treatment brings change within a short time. Two sessions every week are recommended by the experts and the overall appearance of face starts improving after five to seven treatments. It reduces the wrinkles on your face and improves the skin contour and tone.

·         Acupuncture facelift gives you a younger look and makes your skin glow.

·         This treatment lifts your eyes, neck, and jowls and dry skin gets hydrated due to improved circulation.

·         Facial acupuncture lifts your sagging skin and eliminates the fine lines on your face due to increased collagen production.

·         Efficient energy flow improves the overall texture of the skin and it becomes plumper and brighter.

·         The treatment encourages the growth of new cells due to enhanced collagen level. New cells result in the formation of fresh skin layer that enhances the overall beauty of your face.

·         After seven to eight sessions of this treatment, the overall look of your face becomes lifted, puffiness and dark circles are reduced, and sagging skin becomes less baggy.

·         Improved lymph circulation removes the toxins from the body and balances the energy and hormone level which eases the stress and overall feelings of anxiety in your body. Treatment sessions make you relaxed and soothe your whole body which may result in the relief from different pains associated with a toothache and migraine.

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