Natural Beauty Tips for Face - Hair and Body

When we talk about natural beauty tips and beauty tips for face, we see that Many people do not have the information that there are inexpensive and simple natural beauty tricks and tips. Well, you may be wondering what makes me say so. Well, do you know that beauty industry is almost $300 billion Empire? It has been reported that the average women normally spends $1500 on the makeup in her lifetime! Sometime. This figure goes up high. According to research which was done in the United Kingdom, women can spend over one year of their lifetime applying makeup. There are tons of chemicals which are added to the makeup beauty products.

Well, it seems that the world is implying that one have to use a huge amount of time, money and also risk our lives to be beautiful. You still don’t believe it! To begin with, let’s dig deeper into the full idea of beauty. Makeup sometimes can cover the real person. There are simple and natural beauty tips to enhance yourself. Here are some tips:

Natural Beauty Tips for Face and Body

natural beauty tips

·         Banana and the Egg hair treatment

Are you looking for more shine in the hair?Among the beauty tips for hair, following is the expert advice from our professionals. Get to mix one egg and mashed up banana.  Get to apply it when it is a thick paste to the hair and leave it for about 10 to 30 minutes, Wash it like the usual way you wash your hair. In case you store-bought conditioner, you are probably going to need to condition at the end. And just like that! It becomes of the effective natural beauty tips which is super simple.

·         Moisturizing the nail treatment

Soak the nails in the olive oil for about five minutes, Sit back, and get to admire the pretty hands.

·         The Simple Honey Face Mask

The Raw honey is one of the essential natural beauty tips. It is usually natural anti-bacterial and a very super quick way to be able to get soft and beautiful skin. Every week, you will need to use tablespoon or even raw honey (not processed stuff sold as raw honey). Gently warm it through rubbing the fingertips together. Go on and spread on the face and leave it for five to ten minutes. Later, use warm water to rinse it off gently. You can then pat dry. After this, you can bask in glow of the honey awesomeness. Raw honey is excellent by the way for making your skin glow.

·         Apple Cider vinegar shampoo

For the people who have been using the commercial shampoos: To aid in eliminating any of the buildups in the hair, go on and mix ¼ cup of organic apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Follow up with the usual conditioner.

·         Elbow and knew to exfoliate and skin brightener

Among the natural beauty tips and beauty tips for face and body, use the following solution. Get to cut the orange into half and also rub it on the elbows as well as knees. Aids to soften the rough patches and also it smells good. Go on and rinse off sticky mess immediately when you are done.

·         Gentle Body scrub

Among the beauty tips for face and body is the recipe for the following scrub . Use it as it is for the most efficient answer.

Go on and mix 2 to 1(two to one) ratio of the olive oil as well as the sea salt to make a very quick and also effective body scrub — this aids in getting rid of the dead skin cells hence creating a soft and glowing skin. This natural beauty is much cheaper compared to the expensive body scrubs sold in beauty shops.

·         Easy and quick deep conditioning hair treatment

Do you want soft and hydrated hair? Then, this is an excellent beauty tip for you. Make use of the melted coconut oil as the deep conditioning hair as well as scalp treatment. Massage the coconut oil into the scalp and work it through the hair. Ensure that you leave it for hours and wash out using shampoo. There is no conditioner which is needed unless you do have very long hair.

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