Home Manicure Tips

When we talk about home manicure tips and how to give yourself a manicure at home , first we know that Manicure has the power to enhance your looks and make you feel elegant. A regular manicure keeps your nails tidy and your hands clean. Remember the first thing you do when you meet people is to shake their hands. Clean and well-groomed nails create an awesome impression about you. Some of the things that make your nails dirty are pollution and some types of tasks. That is why cleaning them is mandatory not only because of their beauty but due to your own health.

Home Manicure Tips - How to give yourself a manicure at home

Benefits of manicure

Your hands are essential in your life. When you are talking, you also use your hands to express or elaborate your point. You also use your hands when eating. Hence the need to take good care of your hands and nails.

A regular manicure is a necessity to keep your nails tidy. Your hands will also be lovely since they are prevented from chipping and cracking. The creams and oils are used to care for the cuticles ensuring they remain soft and healthy.

Your hands tend to be the busiest part of the body when it comes to dealing with household chores. Their continuous interaction with water makes your nails to chip off. In such cases, a manicure comes in handy. The process is also relaxing as the manicurist gives your hands a massage and continues to attend to each nail.

A professional manicure on a regular basis does not only provide you with an awesome polished appearance but it also promotes your good health. That's because your nails give a clear indication of your general well-being.

Home Manicure Tips and maintaining a manicure

You are very excited after you have had your manicure. However, will you still be excited a few days later? That will depend on the care you give to them. Many women are faced with this challenge. Imagine the frustrations of spending your money and time on a good manicure that will not even last for a week? These two tips will help you avoid such discouraging instances;

  • Keep your nails short and shaped

If you have shorter nails, it will be easier for you to maintain your manicure. They will be less exposed to potential hazards. Their shape is also important. Squared off ends with rounded smooth edges is key to maintaining your manicure longer since they are unlikely going to catch anything that can harm them.

  • Top your nails off with a top coat

Make sure you do this every day. A clear coat is the main barrier that protects your polish from chipping and cracking. It may sound like too much but for the love of your manicure, just do it. It will give you that salon look throughout the duration of your manicure.


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