Beauty Tips for Nails -
How to grow your nails overnight - How to grow nails fast with salt - How to keep your nails long

Before discovering the beauty tips for nails and how to get stronger nails,we see that Nails are an important part of hands and toes. Beautiful nails act as a calling card for the women. So having healthy and beautifully manicured nails is important. Healthy and beautiful nails give you a neat appearance. Nails are the visual advertisements of someone’s overall health and beauty. So protecting your nails and keeping them beautiful while performing all the activities is a real challenge. Let’s share some easy and effective ways of keeping your nails healthy and beautiful.

Beauty Tips for Nails -
 How to grow your nails overnight - How to grow nails fast with salt - How to keep your nails long

Below are some of the natural beauty tips for nails and ways on how to grow to grow your nails overnight, how to grow nails fast with salt and how to keep your nails long while maintaining them.

1.      Moisturizing: In beauty tips for nails, Regular hand sanitizer and handwashing dry out the nail bed and skin. Coconut oil is the best protection against drying. Make sure to rub the oil or some lotion into your cuticles and nails to nourish them.

2.      Nail Strengthening Treatment: Make a mixture of two tablespoons castor oil, two tablespoon salt, and one tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Keep this mixture in some bottle and rub a small amount of it onto your nails for about five minutes and then wipe off. This recipe strengthens the nails and makes them healthier and good looking.

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3. Do not remove cuticles: Cuticles act as a barrier for bacteria. Cutting cuticles may cause painful infections that makes your nails dull and ugly. Use a cuticle pusher to push them back rather than cutting them.

4. Keep your nails clean: You need to keep your nails dirt free to make them look healthier and beautiful. Remove the traces of color with the help of some acetone-free remover that has least drying effect. Apply soap to a toothbrush and scrub your skin and nails. This will remove any dirt around your nails without using any expensive scrubs and harsh chemicals. For Natural nails tanning and beauty, we follow all these nails beauty tips. Nail fungus natural cure - Nail Fungus Natural Care - Hair and Nail Vitamins

5.      Healthy Diet: Health diet is essential in nail beauty tips and is among the most important advice on how to get stronger nails. Good diet maintains the health and beauty of the nails. Vitamin B rich foods decrease the brittleness of the nails. White spots on the nails can be treated by eating zinc rich foods. Vitamin A and C secure the nails against drying and dullness. Calcium strengthens the nails and iron prevents the ridge formation on the nails. Use food having plenty of these elements and vitamins and drink plenty of water. Healthy diet also plays a vital role in nails fungus natural cure. In Nails fungus natural care, we rarely use hair and nail vitamins.

6.       Avoid harsh polish: Typical nail polishes contain toxic chemicals. Before purchasing nail polish read the label carefully and use water-based nail polishes that are the safest option and don’t last long.

7.      Trimming: Trim your nails regularly to avoid the breakage that may be caused by the scratched edges. In beauty tips for nails self grooming is also important in taking care of your hands.

8.      Use base coats: Nail polish may leave behind a grey or yellow tinge if applied directly on nails. Using base coats prevent the stains after removing polish and help in easy removal of polish that prevents the nails from becoming ugly.

9.      Apply Topcoat: Polish or color on nails may lose their luster due to everyday wear and tear. Applying a top coat on the polish every two or three days keeps the hand washing and sun from fading the color.

The above 9 points describe the beauty tips for nails , how to grow your nails overnight, how to grow nails fast with salt and how to keep your nails long

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