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dry skin makeup tutorial

When we talk about dry skin makeup tutorial and makeup tips for dry skin, we see that Applying makeup can be challenging if you have a dry skin. Instead of the skin absorbing the makeup, it tends to cling to the dry areas of your face. This in return makes your makeup look patchy and poorly-applied. How you care for your skin before you even reach for your makeup is very crucial. There are some types of cosmetics that help your dry skin more than others. You can avoid this with the following tips. Implement them and keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Below you will find

  • How to apply makeup on dry skin
  • Makeup tips for dry skin
  • How to put makeup on dry skin
  • How to prep dry skin for makeup

Dry skin makeup - Makeup tips for dry skin - Beauty Tips

Following are the makeup tips for dry skin and beauty tips for dry skin

1.       Hydration

This tops the list for dry skin makeup because it is beneficial to your whole body. Just like any other part of your body, your skin requires water so that it can be hydrated from inside out. If you a coffee drinker ensure that for every one cup of coffee you drink, you also take two cups of water. Coffee can be very notorious when it comes to dehydrating your skin. Eat fruits and vegetables with high contents of water as another way of sneaking in a little more fluid to your body and is vital among makeup tips for dry skin.

2.       Clean and moisturize your skin

Washing your face before applying any makeup is important so that your skin can become fresh and get ready for the makeup you are going to put on. Always use a face wash that is specifically formulated for dry skin when cleaning your face. If you just assume and use any face wash and maybe end up using the ones formulated for a normal or oily skin, these products will be too aggressive to your skin. This can cause the dryness in your skin to get worse.

To avoid any harsh agents from the normal cleaning products, go for such things like olive fruit, jojoba and almond oil. They are a great base of cleansing the skin and removing all the traces of previously applied makeup. After cleaning your face, use a moisturizer to moisturize your skin and pay more attention to the driest parts. Apply enough because an excess of it will make your skin feel greasy with moisturizer. 

3.       Avoid powder at all cost

In dry skin makeup, If you are sure that you have a dry skin, then be sure that you do not need the powder even if the salesperson at the cosmetics shop swears by it. If by any chance you occasionally get shiny in your T-zones, that is, forehead, nose and chin, you can apply a little bit of it on those areas. Otherwise, forget about it all together. You should always keep that in mind in makeup tips for dry skin.

4.       Face polisher

Does your makeup have a habit of flaking out after a couple of hours? In most cases, that can be blamed on the buildup of dead skin. If this is the case, then a gentle facial exfoliation as a weekly skin care routine will do an amazing job. Exfoliation will remove some of the dead skin layers and also hydrate the new layers underneath. It is among the important makeup tips for dry skin.

5.       Apply face primer

This is a sheer, gel-like base applied on your skin before any makeup is applied. It gives your dry skin a smoother base and when the makeup is applied, you will not get any instances of stuck makeup on the dry patches of the skin. To avoid applying too much of primer, just use one dot for the small areas such as your chin and nose. On the larger areas such as your cheeks and forehead, use two dots.

6.       Do not forget the lips

Some people tend to think that dry skin is not applicable to their lips. Well, your lips tend to get dry so easy and their dryness can be exaggerated by matte lipstick or long-wearing formulas. To be on the safe side, stick to a lip balm full of hydrating ingredients. Alternatively, you can use lip gloss or sheer lipstick. Both of them are good at making your lips look and feel soft if not juicer. Moreover, before you apply any form of makeup on your lips, make sure you use a layer of ChapStick.

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