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Hair care tips at home

When we talk of beauty hair care tips we know that Thick, lustrous, and long hair are a dream of every person, especially women. Everyday exposure to sun, pollution, and dust affect the beauty of hair makes the hair dull and weak. Artificial products available in market have corrosive effects over hair and harm them further. We bring interesting and natural solutions for healthy and beautiful hair below, that will do wonders and your dream of having beautiful hair will come true.

Beauty Hair Care Tips at Home

Following 7 points explain beauty hair care tips at home for men and homemade hair care tips for long healthy hair

1.      Healthy Diet: In beauty Hair care tips, Healthy diet plays an important role in the overall health of hair. People with normal hair should use sprouts, dals, fish, and chicken in their everyday diet. People with dry hair should include pulses, nuts, and raw vegetables in their diet plan. People who have oily hair should regularly use yogurt, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Healthy diet is vital among hair care tips at home.

hair care tips for men and women - homemade hair care tips for long healthy hair. hair care tips at home

2. Calabash Treatment: Extract the juice of calabash and apply this into your hair, keep it for thirty minutes and then wash off thoroughly. This treatment will do wonders and make your hair beautiful. It is among the essential hair care tips at home.

3.      Egg Conditioning: Use entire egg for the hair conditioning of normal hair. It is among the essential hair care tips at home. If you have dry hair, use egg yolks, the yolk is a source of proteins and fats and it moisturizes the hair and makes them healthy. If you have oily hair, use egg whites, it removes the excess oil from the hair. Apply this natural conditioner for 20 minutes and rinse with slightly warm water.

4.      Honey and olive oil: Honey and olive oil results in shiny and soft hair. Apply a mixture of half cup of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into the damp hair for 30 minutes and then rinse with clean water. This mixture acts as the antibacterial and conditions the hair which are essential for their beauty and strength.

5.      Shampoo: Use appropriate mild shampoo after knowing the condition of your hair for amazing results. If you have dry hair use such a shampoo that does not strip the hair of their natural oil. People with oily hair should use a shampoo that limits the activity of their oily scalp. Ladies should remember that shampoo is meant only for cleaning the scalp, it does not condition the hair. So use only a drop of coin size for a single wash. Avoid washing your hair frequently, wash your hair every two or three days and avoid hot water. Frequent washing disturbs the regulation of natural oils in the hair. Washing hair after two or three days helps in regaining the luster and natural body of hair. 

6.      Natural Drying: Let your hair dry naturally after washing. Artificial drying using hot rollers makes the hair dry and brittle. It is an essential trick among natural beauty hair care tips at home.

7. Avoid brushing wet hair: Wet hair become weaker, so never brush the wet hair as they are more likely to break. Use wide tooth comb to brush the hair to have the smooth and beautiful hair. Use combs with plastic bristles. First, remove the tangles then take the long stokes. This technique spreads the natural oils properly and prevents hair breakages. 

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