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When we talk about hair color tips and beauty tips for hair , we see that Changing your hair color is an amazing way to look fresh and beautiful. The right shade will enhance your face without any exaggerations. It is easy to dye your hair at home with the right tips. Most hair experts recommend the following hair coloring tips whether at home or in a professional setting.

1.       Choose the correct shade

For immaculate beauty tips for hair, You need to identify your own natural hair color since it determines the choice of the shade you should use. Many people make the mistake of choosing a very dark shade especially when coloring at home maybe because there is no professional to guide them.

Actually, your hair is not darker than it naturally is. Simply go for that shade that is just a little bit lighter than your actual color and see how well it will turn out to be. Someone with a natural blond can take on different colors as compared to someone with a cooler starting hue. However, that is not possible if they are working with a home dye kit. But again do not go too light either. If you do, you risk your hair turning brassy. If this happens, you will be required to have a visit to the salon.

2.       Match your skin tone

Your skin tone is your only guide if you do not want to have that dreaded hair color wash out after your final rinse. For instance, if your skin color is dull, then pick a shade that has warm tones. A shade with cool tones works best on people with fair skin. You can achieve a youthful radiance skin with a lighter and warmer face-framing color. 

3.       Try on a wig

Wig is by far the most easy and most used advice among beauty tip for hair. This is important if you are planning to have a dramatic change. Anything more than three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair is a big change. Get a wig that is close to your desired color, put it on and make your conclusion. This is a simple, quick and painless way to determine if that shade is right for you. It also ensures you do not make any regrettable changes to your hair.

4.       Stick to the roots

Sticking to the fundamentals is a vital among beauty tips for hair and hair color tips. Among the essentials of Hair Color Tips, When you are dying your hair, completely avoid making this grave dying mistake. If your intentions are to cover the grey that has grown, then just do that. A lot of women have made this mistake because they think that they are supposed to coat every hair on their head with color. If you do this you will notice the uneven color distribution; the roots will be light and bright while the ends will be dark and unnatural-looking.

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