How to get rid of dark circles at home - how to reduce dark circles overnight

When we analyze how to get rid of dark circles at home , we ask Are the dark circles very serious health problems? Well, it is not such a threat to your health. However, many people usually feel that the circles under the eyes make them look older, tired or even unhealthy. There are quite some methods, both medically prescribed and natural; which people usually use to remove or even lessen appearance of the dark circles under the eyes. Even though not all treatments tend to be permanent, with the maintenance and the consistency that is going answer the all important question of how to reduce dark circles overnight.

How to get rid of dark circles? - How to reduce dark circles overnight

What causes dark circles and how to reduce dark circles overnight

Despite the dark circles under the eyes being caused by the fatigue, some other causes include:

·         Sun exposure

·         Allergies

·         Scratching or even rubbing eyes.

·         Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

·         Pigmentation irregularities

·         Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

·         Heredity

·         Contact dermatitis

One more cause of the dark circles is natural aging process. When one is aging, you normally tend to lose the collagen and the fat. What follows is that the skin thins. This can result in reddish-blue blood vessels that are under the eyes more prominent. As people age, they develop puffy eyelids or even hollows under the eyes.

How to get rid of dark circles at home - fast remedies?

There are various ways which people report they have eliminated or even reduced appearance of the dark circles under the eyes. People are different hence there are some remedies which might not work. As with all these treats, it is essential to be able to review plans with the doctor before you start them.

·         Sleeping

Fatigue and also lack of sleep can lead to dark circles under the eyes. It can also make one to look paler that might make dark circles appear darker, ensure that you can get 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night. Also, make sure you practice a very good sleep hygiene.


how to get rid of dark circles

·         Elevation

When you sleep, ensure that you try pillows under the head to easily lessen puffiness of the fluid pooling in the lower eyelids.

·         Cold

Sometimes, the dilated blood vessels can be able to darken area under the eye. A very cold compress can lead to blood vessels constricting that answers the questions of how to reduce dark circles overnight

·         Sun

Reduce or even eliminate the sun exposure to the face which answers us how to get rid of dark circles.

·         Moisturizers

There are various over counter moisturizers which can help you with dark circles under the eyes. Many of these usually do contain caffeine, aloe, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin E.

·         Cucumber

Proponents of the natural healing suggest that the chilling thick slices of the cucumbers and later on placing chilled slices on dark circles for about ten minutes. Rinse area with water and repeat the treatment twice every day.


·         Almond oil and the vitamin E to get rid of dark circles

The natural healing advises mixing the equal amounts of the almond oil and the vitamin E. Later, just before the bedtime, gently massage mixture into dark circles. During morning hours, wash area with the cold water. Repeat this process every night until this dark circles get to disappear.

·         Vitamin

Research which was bond showed placing the pad (that contained mixture which included Vitamin K and caffeine) under eyes results in the reduction in dark circles and the wrinkle depth.

·         Tea bags on eyes benefits 

Natural healers usually advice soaking 2 teabags, the use of caffeinated tea, in the warm water and later chilling bags in refrigerator for a limited period. Later on, place tea bags on every eye for its benefits to reap. After like five minutes, remove teabags and get to rinse area with some cold water. Tea bags answers us on how to get rid of dark circles at home fast naturally.

tea bags remove dark circles

If the above solutions on how to get rid of dark circles at home and how to reduce dark circles overnight do not work, there may be a need to get some medical option, which depends on diagnosis of cause of the circles under the eyes. Some of these solutions include:

·         Skin lightening cream

·         Laser therapy

·         Chemical peels

·         Blepharoplasty

·         Fillers


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