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When we discuss what is a facelift . We know that facelift treatments are used to improve the overall appearance of the face. Daily life stress and exposure to environmental factors accelerate the aging process. Face lift treatment is done to reverse the effect of these factors. But the traditional face lift surgeries are very costly and everyone cannot afford them. They may also have side effects on your skin.

So, in this modern era, there are many natural and non-surgical alternative treatments available for lifting your face features and having a beautiful and youthful skin. We present here some of the alternative facelift methods that are both affordable and harmless for your skin.


What is a facelift 2019 - How much does a facelift cost - non surgical face lift

1.      Acupressure Facelift:

Acupressure facelift is an alternative facelift approach to have  improved facial features. Certain pressure points on a face are pressed with fingertips due to which facial muscles are reconfigured and they lift overlying skin properly. This method releases the stress stored in muscles and increases the flow of blood and lymph which acts as the moisturizer for the skin

·         This treatment improves the overall facial tone due to skin tightening.

·         It removes the skin puffiness, lifts eyebrows and eyelids, and removes lines and wrinkles from the face and forehead.

·         Improved blood circulation makes the skin healthy and nourished.

·         Skin creases can be removed by this treatment which results in an overall youthful and glowing face.

2.      Thread lifts:

Thread lift treatment is a minimally invasive way of improving facial features. A barbed thread is inserted and tightened into the sagging places of the face. This treatment tightens the sagging area of skin and lifts the overall face.

·         Thread lifts are commonly used in the cheek areas to realign and reconfigure the sagging facial tendons and fat pads.

·         This treatment is also used in jowl and jaw areas to improve the contour of the jawline.

3.      Facelift Mask:

Face masks can also be used to lift the facial features. One of the suggested face masks can be made by making the paste of one egg white and one teaspoon cornstarch. Apply this face mask on face for 30 minutes and have a beautiful face.

·         It moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.

·         It is an anti-aging mask and removes facial wrinkles and lines.

·         It tightens the overall facial contours by tightening the skin. Proteins present in paste makes the skin more elastic and youthful.

4.      Facelift Exercises:

Among the important answer to What is a facelift , we get to see that Different facelift exercises can be done to tighten the muscles under your skin to enable them to hold the skin in a better way. One of these exercises suggested by Dr. Williams is explained below.

Open your mouth and make “aahh” sound. Fold the lower lip and lip corners into mouth. Now extend lower jaw forward and lift it slowly to close mouth. Tilt your head backward and lift your chin slightly up. Repeat ten times and on final repetition, point your chin towards the ceiling and hold for 20 seconds. This treatment improves the overall tone of droopy jowls and saggy chins.

To answer how much does the face lift cost , the answer is it depends. Read further on what is a facelift, non surgical face lift, lower face lift recovery and how is a facelift done; Read more on our website.

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