Body Skin Care Tips

When we talk about body skin care tips and how to take care of body skin daily, we see that As much as everyone competes for that ideal face and look, there's presumably one place where all of us will generally ignore in dealing with our bodies. Here are few body care tips as pursue 

Body Skin Care Tips & How to take care of body skin daily

Body skin care tips are as follows. Below we see how to take care of body skin daily.

Treating Elbows And Knees:

·         Squeeze out lemon juice

·         Optionally cut out some new lemon wedges

·         Rub these over the discolored/dark regions around the elbows and knees

·         Leave on for around 20 minutes

·         Absorb a towel in hot water and scrub over the region

Glowing Soft Skin:

·         Take 1 tablespoon rose water, 1 tablespoon glycerin and 1 tablespoon lime juice

·         Mix well and preserve in a jar

·         Apply it every day for about thirty minutes before shower or at sleep time for glowing soft skin

Treating Warts around The Fingers:

·         Take a raw potato and cut it

·         Apply the juice on the region around the nails where you have warts (dried out dead skin)

·         Using a bit of cotton, rub the area gently

·         Wash away after 10 minutes

Treating Puffy Tired Eyes:

·         Take few cotton balls and rose water

·         Soak the cotton ball in the rose water and put these over the eyes

·         Keep on for 20 minutes

·         Lie back and be calm

·         It will help to treat any puffiness you have around the eyes and furthermore help to relax tired eyes

To Get Smooth Skin:

·         Take 5 tsp. olive oil and around 50 gm. blended papaya

·         Combine them together

·         Apply over the dry skin of the body

·         Do this twice per day to get naturally smooth skin

 Facial Mask To Treat Wrinkles Around The Eyes:

·         Take 3 tsp. milk (raw) and 3 tsp. honey

·         Combine both of them

·         Warm the blended mixture

·         Apply this around the eye area and leave on for around 30 minutes

·         Wash off with warm water

·         This is a natural remedy to prevent and lessen the wrinkles around the eye area.

Regular Conditioner For Hair

·         Take a bit of raw milk (ideally cool)

·         Before go to bath, apply this over your hair with a brush to comb through, or with your fingertips or by a spray bottle

·         Leave this on for around 30 minutes

·         Wash off with your shampoo

Remove Dark Spots:

·         Take 1 cup of yogurt and 1 egg

·         Mix well together

·         Apply all over, particularly over any dark spots

·         Leave on for around 60 minutes

·         Wash your face with water

·         It will help to lighten and lessen any dark spots all over

·         Will make the skin glowing too

Softening Of Dull And Rough Hands And Feet:


·         Take half cup of yogurt and half tsp. vinegar

·         Mix well

·         Rub this over your hands, palm and feet

·         Leave on for around 5-10 minutes

·         Wash off with plain water

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